This photo appears a bit unbelievable at first glance.  However, at the we try not to judge those of you out there that have ‘different’ ideas on body modification.  Just because it’s a bit out of the ordinary, or extreme, doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious example of self-expression, right?

It may take a few moments to suddenly become clear what kind of extreme stretching this guy did, but what is immediately apparent is that this is something that should probably be avoided, unless you have already had all the children you want to have in your life.  If you do decide to fashion your own scrotum this way, make sure you have consulted a professionally licensed body piercer and a doctor first.  If you still decide to go forward with this, make sure you have a professional body piercer start you out who uses sterile body piercing supplies and has experience with these types of piercings.  Finally, always have someone near you who is willing to ‘lend a hand’ at a moments notice for those great photo opp’s.  What do you think: Cool or Fool?

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