How to Know if A Body Artist is Legit

The booming demand for body piercers and tattoo artists has created a shortage of licensed and permitted body art technicians.  As with any other industry that is expanding beyond it’s own means to meet the service requirements of it’s customers, the industry has attracted a large amount of people that know nothing about body piercing or tattooing, nor have they fulfilled any of the mandated requirements by law.

These wanna-be body technicians are actually hair-stylists, manicurists and other such occupations who are frustrated by slow sales in their primary businesses.  Instead of marketing themselves better or trying to improve their knowledge and capabilities in their fields, they are ‘adding’ body-piercing (or even tattoo) services to their businesses in the hopes of taking advantage of the shortage of legitimate body artists.  Of course, these ‘overnight’ body piercers and tattooists are not legit, in fact, they are endangering people that do not know enough to recognize them for what they are.  Make sure before you allow anyone to pierce or tattoo you that you have seen their recent registration and permit from the health department that oversees the county you are in.  Also ask to see that all of their tattoo and piercing supplies are sterile, and pouched in color-change packages that guarantee sterility.  If they cannot produce valid permits, licenses or refuse to show you the needles, tools and body jewelry they will be using, save yourself the infection and leave.

One thought on “How to Know if A Body Artist is Legit

  1. That is actually quite scary. I hate pills and am terrified of infections of any kind. I’m kinda a germaphobe. That might also be partially due to the fact that my nipple rings got infected from the douchebag that told me he was a legitimate body artist. Yeah, my fear of that is kinda recent. I refuse to go to a body art shop that doesn’t have a light color scheme, and looks clean, like a hospital.

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