Cool or Fool: Proof Cyborgs Exist?

When it comes to extreme body modifications, we at the are always on the lookout for cutting-edge trends to report to you.  Here’s an example of what we would call going all-out with piercings, stretchings and implants – with the end result simply incredible.  In a tour de force of surface piercings,  bifurcated tongue, dermal implants, and other combinations of standard piercings and stretching, this woman undoubtedly gets her share of shocked stares.

Although this cyborg-like effect is awe-inspiring, it can hinder one’s ability to do certain routine tasks.  If you are careful to plan your body art so that it is removable, you can ‘transform’ yourself from mundane to magnificent, and back again in time for work.  It’s wonderful to live in such a time when anyone can get a body piercing just about anywhere on their bodies safely and without persecution by society.   Just make sure you have a professional body piercer perform your body modifications and always follow the aftercare advice you are given to the letter.

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