The Importance of Using Sterile Body Piercing Kits

Sterile Body Piercing Kit

If you are trying to find the proper tools, body jewelry and skin preparation materials to do a body piercing, you need to find an appropriate body piercing kit for the job.  The best type of body piercing kit is going to include the type of body jewelry, needle and forceps in the sizes and styles for the type of piercing you want to do.

The single most important thing to keep in mind when buying a body piercing kit is to find a kit that includes pre-sterilized body jewelry.  Most kits offered include sterile piercing needles (these are usually sterilized at the factory) and alcohol swabs or pads (benzalkonium chloride towelettes actually work better than alcohol to disinfect the skin area), but it can be difficult to find body piercing kits that include sterile body jewelry.  Make sure the kit you purchase clearly states the body jewelry is sterilized already and in sterile color-changing pouches ready for use.  If the body jewelry in the kit does not say ‘sterile body jewelry’, you can bet it is not.  Finding the right body piercing kits to pierce with can mean the difference between a successful piercing, and a terrible infection.

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