Cool or Fool: Man of Stone?

Stone Man

In our never-ending quest to inform, entertain, and whenever possible, enlighten, we constantly stumble upon individuals that defy description.  It’s not that we’re judging (we let you do that), it’s just sometimes there are things that defy words.  This photo is a case in point; a man that seems to be trying to imitate a stone.

It may be from many years of tattooing his skin with dark inks, or it may be body paint, but the finished result indeed appears to be a man made of stone.  Of course, he has body piercings, some of which are stretching his ear lobes considerably, as well as pierced nipples, yet for once, these features seem incidental to the overall effect of this man’s creation.  In case you are thinking about following this man in his stone-steps, make certain that you are prepared to shock those around you into silence.  You can also forget about ‘fitting in anywhere (unless you are trying to ‘fit into’ a mountain).  Lastly, if you pierce and stretch you skin, make sure your piercer is using sterile body piercing supplies and that you have carefully thought it through before taking the plunge into a life of solidity.

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