Nose Piercing: Is it reversible?

Nostril Piercing

Nose, or nostril piercing is becoming extremely popular, trailing only ears and navels in popularity.  You can have you nose pierced by a professional body piercer or by using any of the many piercing kits available on the web.   Nose piercings are done using either a straight hollow piercing needle or can sometimes be performed using a piercing gun.  There are two primary types of nose piercings, the standard piercing (shown in photo) is placed along the indent at the top of the flare of a nostril.  The other type is called a septum piercing (not shown), which is done through the center piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils.

The types of jewelry worn in a nostril piercing are; nose screws, nose bones, and nose rings.  Due to the proximity of the nose to the eyes and other factors involved, this piercing is one of the more difficult piercings to properly complete yourself.  Healing time for a nose piercing can take 2 to 4 months.  Like most body piercings, the nose piercings is usually reversible.  The hole size for nose piercings is 18g or 20g, the smallest sizes used of all body piercings.  The nose piercing will generally close completely again within a short time after jewelry removal.   It is possible that the hole may not close up by itself, and in this event, will leave a small hole about the size of an acne scar.

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