Beware of part-time body piercers

With the growing demand for tattoos and body piercing across the nation, there are more and more people offering body art services that are not licensed and do not have the knowledge to properly do the job.  These people may be manicurists, hair-stylists or masseuses  who have decided to offer body piercing to bring in extra money. The problem is that unless someone has gone through the proper training, classes and have been issued a permit from their local health department, what they are doing is illegal, and dangerous.

Before you allow anyone to pierce or tattoo your body, make sure you know they are permitted to do so by both the state, county and city they operate in.  Beware of piercers that work out of establishments that have nothing to do with body piercing, such as beauty shops, nail salons, or other non-related industries.  It is your right as a customer to demand to see the piercer’s registered body technician permit (it should have a number printed on it for confirmation with the county health department) and also make sure you see (beforehand) that all needles, tools, body jewelry and other tattoo and body piercing supplies used sterile and sealed in color-changing autoclave pouches.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and demand to know the truth, your life may depend upon it!

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