Nipple Piercing: Are You Man Enough?

More and more men are having their nipples pierced.  While  nipple piercing is not nearly as popular as lip or eyebrows for guys, having your nipples pierced appears to be gaining traction these days.  (In fact, both sexes are turning to the needle more and more and adorning their pierced nipples with the widening variety of nipple body jewelry available).

If you are considering having your nipples pierced, keep in mind that nipples are one of the most painful piercings you can get, and the healing time is one of the longest (6 to 18 months).  Make sure your piercer is experienced in piercing nipples and is using the proper sterile piercing supplies.  Also, if possible, have both nipples pierced at the same time (utilizing two piercers), as this will help minimize the discomfort you will feel.  Lastly, pay close attention and follow the aftercare given to make sure they heal without complications.

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