Does Your Piercer Check it Twice?

Perfectionism in body art can be a daunting task.  From the client’s perspective, a successful piercing may only require that once finished, the body jewelry is in the position desired.  From the other side of the equation, a piercer seeking perfection will be judging the experience on many more levels, and with a more critical eye.  Proper positioning is only part of it, there is also minimizing the amount of pain experienced by the client, and fast, proper healing.  If the client is new, the piercer is especially hoping for that elusive ‘perfect’ piercing that is fast, pain-free and heals properly.

If you are fortunate enough to have found a body piercer that is a master piercer (and who specializes in body piercing only), you will usually find that they are much more skilled and knowledgeable than other body artists that tattoo, or do permanent make-up.  If you do not have a dedicated body piercer in your area, try to find an artist that is concerned with your safety and satisfaction, and that make sure that body artist is permitted through the county health department.  Ask to see the sterile (pouched) tools, body jewelry and needles that will be used beforehand as well.  If the piercer cannot product a valid body technician permit (with permit number), or is unwilling to prove that the body jewelry and tools he/she uses are sterile and pouched, leave immediately.  It is crucial that you always feel safe, and at ease with your body artists, and not being pressured into something you do not want (like a tattoo).  The exact position of your body piercing should be marked and approved by you before it is done, so if things are moving too fast (and without your input) make sure to speak up, or leave altogether.  When it comes to your body, and your health, finding a registered body piercer that takes the time to listen to you and is operating legally (using pre-sterilized tools, body jewelry and piercing supplies) will save you time, money and maybe even the cost of a hospital stay.

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