The Benefits of Using Forceps In Piercing

Disposable sterile sponge forceps for body piercing
Disposable Body Piercing Forceps

Forceps are tools used in body piercing that are borrowed from the medical field.  Used specifically in surgical procedures, forceps are fashioned out of either stainless steel, or out of hardened teflon or plastic.  Plastic forceps are usually disposable and designed to be used only once.

Using forceps during piercing serves several important functions.  The first, is to secure the skin so that exact entry and exit points can be marked.  Forceps also help to avoid excessive movement as in tongue piercing where the client may attempt to retract the tongue before the needle can be removed.   Forceps also can help restrict the flow of blood after a piercing by leaving them in place.  Lastly, forceps can act to reduce pain experienced in certain piercings (i.e. nipples) due to the fact that the client may feel more pressure than needle penetration when used properly.  Whichever type you use (re-usable steel or disposable plastic), make sure they are sterilized before hand and purchased from a reputable company that offers quality piercing supplies.

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