Sterile Body Jewelry and Piercing Supplies

Sterile Pouch with Indicator

When purchasing body jewelry and piercing supplies, it is absolutely crucial that you know what you are buying is truly sterile.  Sellers of most body piercing kits, piercing supplies and body jewelry will allude to, or make claims that they offer ‘sterile’ body piercing supplies, but are they?

Sterile body jewelry is one of the hardest body piercing supplies to find, and once found, you need to know that what you are getting (and paying extra for) has really been sterilized up to the legal requirements.  Look for a piercing supply company that posts their regular spore test results for their autoclaves, and who clearly defines their sterilization process publicly.  Once you’ve ordered, make sure that the items received are pouched in sterile pouches with color-changing indicators on the back of the packet, along with a clearly stamped date.  If you are unsure as to the integrity of a company’s piercing supplies, it’s better not to purchase from them.  Your reputation as a body artist and your client’s welfare depends upon having sterile body jewelry and the right piercing supplies before you pierce.

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