How To Choose A Safe Body Piercing Kit

If you have searched for body piercing kits available online, you have undoubtedly seen many variations, from numerous sources.  The simplest body piercing kits consist of a needle and a piece of body jewelry.  These kits do not include forceps and are known as ‘free-hand’ kits.  A step up from basic free-hand kits are kits that include alcohol swabs, pads or some kind of skin preparation, and maybe a pair of gloves.  Complete body piercing kits include  include forceps, lubricating jelly, and possibly even some aftercare instructions, as well as body jewelry.  If you are lucky enough, you may even find a kit that includes instructional videos.

If you are an apprentice body piercer looking for a kit that is safe, and has everything necessary to perform a body piercing properly, there is one company we have found that offers complete (and reasonably priced) body piercing kits that include the most important items of all, sterile body jewelry.  Make sure any body piercing kits you purchase include the tools, skin preparation and sterilized needles and sterile body jewelry (already pouched and autoclave sterilized) you will need.  Also, make sure the company you purchase from provides spore test results so you know everything is truly safe and sterile.

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