Titanium Body Piercing Kits

Sterile Body Piercing Kit with Forceps
Sterile Titanium Body Piercing Kit with Forceps

The use of Titanium body jewelry for initial body piercings is widespread throughout the U.K. and Western Europe.  In some places, it is the legal standard for all body artists to use titanium body jewelry for piercings.  Why use titanium?  The answer is that Titanium is the only metal that is completely nickel free and will not be rejected by the body as other metals will.  Because of this, titanium is used extensively for surgical implants in the medical field.

We have found only one company that offers an option for sterilized titanium body jewelry in their body piercing kits.  Remember, titanium is always going to be more expensive than 316L Stainless Steel, but for those clients that are allergic to the trace amounts of nickel that are in stainless steel body jewelry, it is well worth the investment.

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