Are Your Piercing Supplies Sterile?

Body Piercers and Tattooists rely on tattoo and piercing supplies for their crafts.  Having the correct tools and materials for each type of body piercing is crucial to a successful piercing.  Forceps, skin preparation materials, sterile hollow piercing needles and sterile body jewelry must be available and in close proximity to the body art technician during the procedure for it to go smoothly.

Experienced body piercers, tattooists, as well as apprentice body artists learning their crafts must have top-quality tools and body jewelry that has been pre-sterilized by either e.o. gas or an autoclave.  Make sure that the company you purchase your body piercing supplies is fully licensed and that they make public their sterilization procedures and spore testing results so you know your piercing supplies are guaranteed sterile (in color-change indicating pouches) and are ready to use.

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