Body Piercing: It’s About The Needles

Sterile Body Piercing Kit

The single most important factor for a successful body piercing is that you use the proper piercing needle.  Body piercing needles are hollow, and vary in length and thickness (gauge) between 1/2 and inch and 2 inches in length.  The tip of the piercing needle is angled, or beveled and should be as sharp as possible.  Sharpness is necessary so that the needle penetrates and slides through the skin easily.  Also, never re-use needles, as they lose their sharpness immediately after use, and sharing needles can lead to numerous diseases and heightened risk of infections.

The photo shows a body piercing kit offered by an online company that specializes in pre-sterilized body piercing kits and supplies.  Each needle should always be individually packaged and include a sterilization date and color-change indicator to show it has been sterilized properly.  Always make sure your needles are sterile, and be certain that your clamps (forceps) and body jewelry are also sterile and come in an autoclave pouch (as mandated by law) to insure a smooth, successful and problem-free body piercing.

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