Down and Dirty Body Artists

There’s an old saying that goes ‘you get what you pay for’. This is true in body piercing, as in life. It’s amazing what some people will do (and endure) to save a few dollars, especially when it comes to body piercing or tattooing. Some people will purchase body piercing kits to save money. This can be a safe answer to saving money if the body piercing kit includes sterile body jewelry, needles and sterile tools, and is purchased from a respected supplier of body piercing kits.  Although it is always recommended to seek out a professional body artist, many people have had success with body piercing kits that include instructions and proper hygienic materials.

There are also innumerable stories out there of renegade body piercers that pierce with dirty (or used) needles, improper skin preparation, or worse, who will take a piece of dirty body jewelry from a display case and shove it into a fresh piercing. It goes without saying these renegade body artists are ignorant, un-registered (with the health department) and callous in how they risk the health and welfare of their clients. More revealing is how many people will allow themselves to be tatted or pierced by these incompetent and uncaring individuals just to save a few dollars. Some renegades that have been cited, shut down, and banned from body piercing by the municipalities they are in refuse to stop their illegal crafts, and will lay low for a few months after a closure or citation only to restart their activities in their blind pursuit of money. Instead of educating themselves with the mandated training and vaccination routines laid down by their health departments and becoming registered to legally work, ignorant people continue to defy the law, offering their illicit trade from homes or cars until they are either sued for liability or arrested.  If you are about to be tattooed or pierced by a new body artist and they cannot show you their health department permit (with permit number), or are not using sterilized body jewelry (that comes in color-changing pouches), leave immediately. Remember, allowing a renegade body artist work on you is like playing Russian Roulette – your chances are exponentially higher for ending up with a terrible infection, injury or worse. There are many recorded cases of people dying from complications from infections related to illegal body piercings or tattoos. Take the time to really know the qualifications of who you are entrusting yourself with before you get your next body piercing or tattoo.  Aren’t you worth it?

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