What is a Starter Body Piercing Kit?


720 Piece Professional Body Piercing Kit



A starter body piercing kit is basically a complete kit designed for apprentice body piercers.  These kits are offered by various sellers of body piercing supplies online and vary wildly in both quality and price.  If you are opening up a shop, you will want to find a kit that has the proper piercing tools, sufficient needles and body jewelry styles for you to perform a wide variety of body piercings.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an apprentice kit is to find one that offers ample needles and body jewelry to perform many piercings, without paying an overly high price for items that you can readily buy at your local drug store or supermarket.  These ‘filler’ items are usually boxes of gloves, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, or other mundane items that can easily be purchased for less yourself.  What you should always look for is a starter body piercing kit that includes the right gauge needles that are of high quality (pre-sterilized and laser cut for sharpness), as well as a good variety of either factory new or pre-sterilized body jewelry.  If you don’t have an autoclave it is mandatory that you purchase the body jewelry pre-sterilized and ready to use.  Remember, choosing the right starter body piercing kit can make or break your success as a body piercer.

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