What Real Men Think About Chicks That Body Pierce

As a card-carrying member of the heterosexual male race (that means straight-shooter to any of you that bailed from school early), I can tell you that chicks that have body piercings are hot.  Now I might be a bit biased since I also body pierce for a living, but even if I wasn’t getting paid to poke I’d be keeping three eyes on those ladies at all times, if you know what I mean…

It’s not just that the right piercing accentuates a woman’s body beautifully, but it also symbolizes something to us stimuli-seeking dudes out there; impulsiveness.  You see, in my experience (and I’ve sown more than my share of ‘seeds’), chicks that pierce are more spontaneous, adventurous and just plain more naughty than the ones that don’t.  And if you’re a guy, all those things add up to one conclusion: more fun!  Even if the only piercing a chick has (ears don’t count unless they’re stretched) is a nostril piercing, that’s enough to tingle the love antennae of any real man within 100 miles.  Of course if you don’t want to attract real men (who consider seeing if you can cross your ankles behind your head as foreplay) then don’t get pierced.  Hey it’s your life, right?  If you choose to waste your pretty little time with one of those limp-noodles that fall over themselves doing whatever you tell them to (personally, I’d rather slide down the edge of an 80 foot razor blade naked), then don’t get a body piercing.  But if you’re hot, naughty and want a real man who will take charge at the right times (wink, wink) then you need to get your pretty little butt to your body piercer and start piercing like pronto, baby.  (Damn, I just popped a tent writing about this!)

That’s all I got for now ,


Is This Pokee?

(P.S.  Oh, before I forget, here’s that eyeball tattoo pic I promised you from my last post.  Happy viewing!!!!!)

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