Need to Hide Your Body Piercing?

As the holidays approach, our thoughts are led to the expectations of family gatherings and reconnecting with loved ones.  These gatherings can be a source of joy, or a source of stress, depending upon the family background you have.  For those of you that have parents or relatives that do not approve of your body piercings, there are some simple solutions for you that can help you avoid confrontations.

If you have a piercing that will not close immediately, the simple solution is to remove your body jewelry.  If you have piercings in places that close quickly in the absence of jewelry (i.e. tongue piercings) you need something to hold you over those few hours when it matters most.  The solution is called a retainer, and can be purchased to fit a navel body piercing, tongue, eyebrow, nipple and even nostril piercings.  Using a retainer will not guarantee discovery by those nearest you, but it could help you slip by under the radar long enough to make a clean getaway!

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