How do you wear your body piercings?

Body Piercing is no longer considered a fad, or passing phase in body art, but a permanent addition to mainstream culture.  People of all ages, races and backgrounds are getting body piercings, and the numbers are rising.  Remember, just because you cannot see any ‘visible’ piercings on a person, does not mean they do not have any.  Having a body piercing gives cues to your personality and personal style.  If you hide your piercings from plain sight, you may have another side to your personality that comes out your partner.  If you prefer the ‘in-your-face’ variety of piercings, you are more extroverted and enjoy attention.

While the most common body piercings are ears, noses, navels and lips, other areas of the body are increasingly popular choices for piercings.  These areas include; bridge of the nose, eyebrows, surface piercings, tongue piercings and nipples and/or genital piercings.  The explosion of the body jewelry industry, along with the ease and access to body piercing kits, has led to a booming phenomenon where body piercing has become mainstream, not just in the United States but throughout the world.  Have you got your body pierced yet?

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