Are all body piercing kits the same?

There is a growing number of people that are electing to bypass tattoo shops and pierce themselves with a body piercing kit.  Although it is strongly recommended to let a professional body piercer do the piercing for you, it is possible to complete a successful body piercing at home, as long as it is a complete and sterile body piercing kit you are using.

Although there are many types of kits available, make sure you find one that is suited for the type of body piercing you are doing.  Also, make sure your kit includes sterile body jewelry, to avoid infection and speed healing times.  The vast majority (over 95%) of piercing kits sold do not include sterile body jewelry, so contact the company before purchasing (if it is not clearly stated in the listing information) to insure the kit you are buying includes sterile body jewelry, sterile needles and sterilized forceps.  It may cost a few more dollars for a sterile body piercing kit, but you’re worth it!

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