Parental Concern: Should you allow a Body piercing or a tattoo?

If you son or daughter wants to get more body art than you will agree to (a common problem these days), it can come down many times to a simple choice; a tattoo or a body piercing.  If you are going to compromise and agree to allow your child to get either a tattoo or piercing, here are a few points to consider.

First, a body piercing is not permanent, like a tattoo is – usually, removing the body jewelry will cause the hole to close, whereas a tattoo is there forever unless removed by laser.  Secondly, in many states (like California), minors are prohibited to get tattoos of any kind (with or without parental consent it is a misdemeanor to tattoo a minor), while it is legal to perform a body piercings on a minor with parental consent.  Even if you can find a renegade body artist (operating illegally) that will agree to give your child a tattoo, it is never advisable for you (as the legal guardian) or the child to break the law.  It is far easier to allow your child a body piercing that is reversible.  When your child turns 18 they will be able to make the decision to get a tattoo themselves and have the mental maturity and legal status to do so.

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