What body piercings are still taboo?

Extreme body modifications

Today, body art and body modifications are more accepted by society than ever before.  In fact, it has now become more common to have a body piercing than not (for people under the age of 30).  The most common areas of the body that are being pierced are; ears, lips, noses and navels, and most of the time, you will find that those of us that have piercings tend to have more than one.

Despite being generally accepted in society, there are still some types of body piercings that are frowned upon, or misunderstood.  Actually, it is not just a matter of what or where a body piercing has been done, but the degree in which these piercings have been stretched and adorned.  It is one thing to have a septum piercing, but another thing altogether (in other people’s minds) to have your septum stretched out to 00g.  Likewise, nostril piercings are considered ‘normal’ unless you are wearing 1 inch tunnels in them.  There’s an old saying that applies in body art as well as in life; it says that all is fine when done in ‘moderation’.  As a general rule, if you don’t take something too far, (or in the case of body art, don’t stretch out or wear something too ‘extreme’), you won’t be looked at as a freak – unless, of course, that is the point of it all. 🙂

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