When is free shipping really free?

True Free Shipping of Body Jewelry and Body Piercing Supplies

If you have shopped online lately you have undoubtedly been inundated by aggressive marketing from companies at every turn.  You have probably seen your junk mail-box overflow with offers from online companies that promise you everything from low-price guarantees to free shipping.  But when you actually read the fine print (or in some cases at the end of your checkout) you will find that ‘free’ does not mean free at all, but is only offered once you have reached a spending minimum.  Either that, or that shipping fee just ‘appears’ in your shopping cart, hiding amongst the text, without warning or reason.

In our tireless search for body piercing supplies and body jewelry deals, we have found many sellers that claim to offer ‘free shipping’, but when we really tried to check out of these sites, we found that unless we spent a minimum amount of money with that seller (usually 25 to 30 dollars), a shipping and handling fee was charged.  Out of over 100 companies tested that sell body jewelry and piercing supplies, only one site actually delivered what they promised.  This site promises 100% True Free Shipping (in the United States), and we put them to the test.  We loaded up our shopping cart and checked out our body jewelry and supplies.  What did we find?  Not only did we confirm that this company is the only company that really does give you free shipping without minimum requirements, but they also give you bonus points with every purchase that can be redeemed for additional free merchandise.  Sounds too good to be true,  you say?  You’ll have to check this seller of body piercing supplies and body jewelry out for yourself.  Now you never have to pay shipping charges for body jewelry and piercing supplies ever again.

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