How to avoid an infection

(In response to the frequent questions and concerns regarding proper aftercare procedures, we have added this category to our site.)  One of the most infection-prone areas of the body is the ears.  This is due to the fact that the tissue of the ears is oily in nature and that they come in contact with many foreign materials daily (like clothing, hair, wind, hands, dust, etc. etc.).

Proper cleaning and aftercare of a body piercing involving an ear is very important.  You must follow proper aftercare instructions to the letter and not do anything to prevent the natural healing of the ears (i.e. over-use of headphones, caps or other apparatus that covers the ears).  Your piercer should provide you with detailed aftercare instructions at the time of piercing.  If you were not given aftercare instructions, or forgot them, you may find them posted on respected online sites that specialize in body piercing supplies.

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