Does your city have an ordinace against body art?

Body Art Banned In Palmdale, California

In what was possibly a response to frustrations over renegade body artists, the city of Palmdale, California has instituted an ordinance that prohibits any kind of body piercing or tattooing within it’s city limits.  That means that anyone that continues to offer body piercing or tattoo services within Palmdale can be fined, closed down or jailed.

This may become a growing trend in areas that have high numbers of ‘renegade’ (body technicians not permitted to operate by the health department) that are performing body art without proper training or licensing.  It is your right as a customer to insist upon seeing all required documentation from your body artist before allowing them to work on you.  Ask specifically to see their Health Department Permit, which includes a corresponding permit number to confirm with the health department.  These permits are only issued when the body artist has fulfilled all requirements (not just blood borne pathogen training, but other additional requirements are needed) and must be prominently displayed at their place of business.  If a piercer or tattoo artist cannot produce their permit, they are operating illegally, and allowing them to tattoo or pierce you will increase your chance of infection, injury or worse.  Before you get your next body piercing or tattoo, demand to see your body artist’s permit – it just may save your life.

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