Consumer Alert: Chinese Ear Piercing kits sold as body piercing kits

Chinese Ear Piercing Kit sold as body piercing kit

There has been recently a rash of problems within the body art industry in regards to cheap products being misrepresented by overseas companies.  One of the worst offenders is exemplified by Chinese sellers offering inferior ear piercing kits (inside aluminum cases) masquerading as body piercing kits (see photo).

Not only are these kits dangerous and include non-sterile body jewelry, but they are dreadfully lacking in the proper tools, prep materials or information resources needed to properly body pierce.  These kits are often sold on ebay for around 70 USD, or elsewhere, offering a handful of piercing needles to go along with a few pieces of body jewelry (without being sterile, of course).  The primary feature of these kits is usually an ear piercing gun and studs.  Maybe these companies think by throwing it all into a metal case it will not be seen for what it is; a Chinese ear-piercing kit.  If you are looking for a legitimate, quality and sterile body piercing kit (that really is a body piercing kit designed by professional body piercers), you can find them where quality body piercing supplies are sold.

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