Is Body Piercing Addicting?

It’s very rare that someone who has a body piercing only has one – usually, they have multiple piercings on their body.  The majority of piercings performed are in the ears, navels, and lips of individuals throughout the world, and obviously, those of us that have ear piercings usually have both pierced.

Ears aside, when it comes to other body piercings, the question arises whether or not body piercing is addictive.  The answer to that question has to do with what qualifies as an ‘addiction’.  Although there are many individuals (who are already compulsive in nature) continually getting pierced (or tattooed) until they run out of places to pierce, body piercing is not an activity in and of itself that is addictive in nature.  As with most other forms of self-expression, body art is generally a voluntary decision made by an individual a unique way to express their personalities.  Moderation in body piercing, as in other aspects of life, is always the best approach.

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