Using a self-piercing kit

Self-piercing kit
Double PTFE Body Piercing Kit

More and more people are choosing to pierce themselves rather than go to a tattoo shop.  The reasons vary, but mainly are due to the high cost that some tattoo shops charge for body piercing and the discomfort of having a stranger do the piercing.  For those of you that have decided to pierce yourself, you will need a self piercing kit.

Make sure your self piercing kit includes a sterile needle and sterile body jewelry that match the type of piercing you want.  If you want to pierce free-hand (without using forceps) you can find these kits offered for less money than the ones that include forceps.  Also, try to find a kit that includes how-to-pierce videos and/or aftercare instructions if you are a novice.  Although body piercing is not rocket-science, it does require an understanding of the process and materials involved.

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