Opinion: North Carolina Teenager suspended from school for Nose Ring

As we continue to observe and report the developments of this case in North Carolina, we should all cast anxious eyes upon this matter.  Under the guise of ‘security’, we have allowed many of our sacred constitutional rights to be perverted or lost completely.  In the name of  ‘security’ we have seen our expectations of privacy altered to the point that we now assume every detail of our lives, habits, movements and words are being observed, recorded and studied.  We routinely acquiesce to providing proof of identification in dozens of ways daily as we willingly submit our personal information to strangers in supermarkets, at work and at terminals that we travel from.  We allow the sensitive details of how we live, love,  and spend to be shared, compiled and analyzed, without compensation or explanation.

And now, even our simplest and most fundamental right to religious expression is being threatened.   Most recently, we have allowed others to determine our individuality to the point that our children can no longer wear a body piercing to school, even if it is part of their religious expression.  How much further do we allow this to go?  America was known as the world’s showcase for free-thinking individualists.  But now we are mostly seen as a nation obsessed with quelling our own militaristic paranoia through mass surveillance and regulation.  Those few individuals who dare voice concern over these shameful changes, or who try to challenge these catastrophic losses of freedom are slandered and bullied into silence.  Since when is it okay to dictate what, whom and how another human being may worship?  How much more must be taken away from us before we awaken to this travesty?  Freedoms are won with the lives and blood shed by those before us.  History has shown that freedoms lost are never regained.  How much more must we lose before we awaken?  Or is it already too late?

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