What should be in a Body Piercing Kit?

Body Piercing kits come in a wide-range of sizes, prices and configurations.  The basic body piercing kit consists of; a pre-sterilized hollow piecing needle, a piece of body jewelry (suitable for the piercing desired), and some form of skin preparation (like alcohol or benzalkonium chloride) pads.

If the type of body piercing you are doing requires forceps, you should look for a kit that includes them.  Beware of kits that offer tweezer-type forceps (on the cheap end of the spectrum) or un-sterilized metal forceps (that are more expensive and risky).  If you are only piercing a single area, try to find a kit that includes a single-use plastic set of forceps (steel forceps are not only over-kill and un-sterilized, but expensive).  Most importantly, make sure your body piercing kit includes sterile body jewelry.  Remember, if it does not say the body jewelry is pre-sterilized, it isn’t.

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