Tune into your client before body piercing

Every experienced body piercer knows that when it comes to piercing, no two clients are the same.  Each client approaches their piercing with a unique perspective and with different expectations.  Not only does each customer have their own unique reasons for wanting to be pierced, but they have different reactions and  pain thresholds that must be sensed by the piercer prior to the procedure.  Even if your client has had piercings before, each new piercing should be treated as if it were the first, especially if it is in an area the client has never pierced before.

In the medical field, having a good ‘bed-side manner’ is a doctor or nurse that develops an inner ‘sense’ of how to approach their patients in stressful situations.  In body piercing, you must also develop that ability to tune into your clients in a way that will enable you to know how to approach them.  The ability to relax a client properly before being pierced is a crucial factor in a piercing being successful.  Some clients want o know, or be warned, when the needle will go through, while others are best left without that knowledge.  Treat each situation differently and always listen to your customer so that you will make their body piercing experience a good one, instead of one they will regret.

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