Aftercare: Getting it right

One of the leading factors in complications associated with body piercing is complications that occur after the piercing.  These problems include; infection, severe swelling, discomfort, discoloration and outright rejection.  If your body piercer used sterile tools, prep and sterile body jewelry, these problems are usually from improper (or total lack of) aftercare instructions, or neglect on the client part in following them.

Since aftercare is the most important step in a successful and fast healing process, it is crucial that the client receive clear and accurate aftercare information.  Certified body piercers should always provide comprehensive aftercare instructions at the time the piercing was performed, and if they do not, they are jeopardizing their clients and breaking the strict rules laid down by Health Departments everywhere.  If you recently had a body piercing done and were not given adequate aftercare instructions, or do not know what you should be doing to aid your new piercing’s journey in healing, you can easily find printable body piercing aftercare guidelines here.  If you went to a professional body piercer for your piercing and were not given clear and concise aftercare instructions, you should find another body piercer that does.

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