Should a re-piercing be free?

The question whether or not a re-piercing should be free depends upon the reasons it needs to be done.  In many cases, a customer will require a second body piercing after it has been determined (by the customer themselves) that the position of the piercing is wrong.  This problem is particularly common with facial piercings, such as snake bites, when they are not positioned symmetrically.  Other piercings can also have complications due to improper positioning, or other problems that are related to slow healing or displacement/migration of the body jewelry from natural causes.

If the reason a re-piercing is needed is due to a change of mind (on the client’s part) or neglect (lack of proper aftercare by client or voluntary removal of initial jewelry, etc.), it is really up to the piercer to decide whether to charge for the piercing again or not.  However, if the reason for re-piercing is due to improperly sterilized body jewelry, improper materials or tools used, or the piercing was done in a way other than requested by the client, a re-piercing should always be complimentary, and without hesitation.  Basically, if your body piercer made a mistake in any way, he/she should re-pierce you for free.  Likewise, if the reason you want a re-piercing is because you removed the body jewelry, didn’t follow the aftercare instructions given, or just because the spot you chose to have pierced doesn’t look right to you, you should expect to have to pay for it.  But in all cases where a piercing was not done properly by the piercer, you are entitled to be pierced again for free.  If they are not willing to do so, it’s time to find a new body piercer to give your business to.  Usually body piercers that specialize in body piercing (and are not tattoo artists first and foremost) will stand behind their work and re-pierce for free, even in some cases where it was not their fault.

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