When to use a Body Piercing Kit

Most body piercings are best left to the professionals, as they require an expert hand and years of experience to get right.  Also, most body piercings are difficult to do yourself due to the angle of attack and lack of visibility.  Even professional body piercers won’t attempt many of the more difficult piercings on themselves, preferring instead to ask an associate to do them.

There are instances where either it is an economic issue (lack of money) or personal modesty (as in nipple or genital piercings) that compel many people to pierce themselves.  If you decide to undertake your own body piercing, make sure you purchase a body piercing kit that includes sterile needles, sterile forceps (if called for), gloves, skin preparation materials, and most important of all, sterile body jewelry that is already autoclave sterile and pouched for use.  Unfortunately there are very few companies even offering body piercing kits that include sterile body jewelry.  Make sure you know what you are getting and purchase a body piercing kit that includes sterilized body jewelry, otherwise, if you use a sterile needle, sterile forceps and then shove an unsterilized piece of jewelry into the open wound, you are risking infection, injury, or worse.

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