A Right to excellence

In these times of economic uncertainty the focus of our consumerism has taken a turn for the frugal, price-shopping ourselves to death. Unfortunately this parsimonious attitude can lead us to situations where ‘to death’ becomes more than a figurative statement. Specifically relevant to piercing, there are few circumstances that death is at all a possibility, but undue pain and difficulty are consequences to price-shopping for your next piercing. While a higher price doesn’t immediately equate to a higher quality product; it does indicate how much preparation and time goes into it.

I invite you to exercise your right to excellence by not applying the same logic to body art as grocery shopping, rather think of body art as being the cosmetic surgery it emulates.  When seeking Rhinoplasty or Mammoplasty, or even Botox; a sane person would never make their final decision based on the quoted cost of the procedure. Body art is a luxury experience that should be approached with preparation and one does well to acknowledge the difference between luxury and necessity.  The moral of the story is to make your body art (especially body piercing) decisions based on what qualifies the technician or studio, their cleanliness, their experience, and what they offer in the way of follow-up care in additional to the actual procedure.

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