Tongue Piercing for Pleasure

Contrary to popular belief, a tongue piercing is actually one of the least painful piercings anyone can get.   This is because most of the nerve endings on the tongue are concentrated on the edges and not the center.  This is why when you accidentally bite your tongue it hurts, yet having a tongue piercing can be finished before you even know it.

Once your tongue has been pierced, you can experiment with a wide variety of body jewelry designed specifically for tongues.  These pieces range from plain steel shafts with steel, plastic or even silicone ends (shown) that are known as ticklers, to flexible barbells made of ptfe or bendable plastics.  You can even purchase tongue jewelry that glows in the dark and vibrates (thanks to a tiny motor and batteries inside).  However these mechanical tongue barbells are not recommended due to the possibility of battery leakage inside your mouth and the potential for damage to tooth enamel.  The other hazards of mechanical tongue barbells is that the components may come loose and be swallowed.

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