Can your gardener do this?

This photo is further proof the recession is world-wide.  It appears this gardener named Haji (he prefers the term ‘landscape engineer’) finds it necessary to do more than just cut and edge his customers’ lawns.  After the last leaf has been blown and his mini truck has been loaded up, this poor slob sticks a dirty pair of garden shears through his face.  What probably started out as a cheek piercing looks to be stretched out to at least a couple inches by the blade of these shears.

While doing this type of extreme stretching may guarantee your customers keep calling you back for more, it is not recommended and highly risky behavior.  Just because you can get your own body piercing kit and pierce yourself doesn’t mean you should get carried away with trying to impress the locals with stunts like this.  Not only do you risk cutting your tongue and gums, but these displays may encourage youngsters to imitate you – plus, they attract flies!  What do you think:  Cool or Fool?

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