The Scaffold Piercing

A scaffold piercing is a multiple ear cartilage piercing that consists of two or more separate cartilage piercings placed so that an industrial barbell can be worn through them.  This body piercing can be either done at different times (so that each piercing can heal independently) or it can be done at once, utilizing a PTFE barbell of 1.5 inches length or more.

These piercings are becoming increasingly popular and should be done with special attention to placement of the piercings beforehand.  A slanted receiving tube is commonly used for this type of body piercing.  Healing time for cartilage piercings is usually from 8 to 16 weeks.

5 thoughts on “The Scaffold Piercing

  1. hey im looking to getting this just a small note did it hurt or just to sleep on it ? thanks x

  2. During healing, many piercings are vulnerable to our body positions during sleep. Covering a piercing with a band-aid (adhesive bandage) can cut down the chance of you scratching it or getting it hooked on sheets or pillows during the night. Of course, remove the bandage during the daytime hours since the tissue needs exposure to air to heal properly.

  3. I was wanting this done. Would it hurt a lot if you got it pierced all at once? I really want this and I all ready have my nosed pierced. Would it hurt worse than that?

  4. Scaffold piercings are usually done at the same time. Since this is a cartilage piercing, it is one of the most painful you can get and can take a long time to heal. Most people that get them done feel it’s worth it.

  5. I got mine done 5 days ago it hurt a bit to get it done but wasnt to bad i think your better off to get it done all at once. But make sure your piercer is a good one ive seen some very dodgy ones! Make sure he uses a clamp to support the cartilage! It didnt hurt after gettin it done only to sleep on or if i caught it on my hair brush or taking off my jumper or something!

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