For Pros Only: Is There a Best way to Pierce a Lip?

Body piercing involves perfecting techniques that are passed down from piercer to piercer.  It is possible for a single type of body piercing to have many possible technical approaches, all being right and subjective to the piercer.  In the case of lip piercing, for instance, some body piercers prefer going from the outside in, while others prefer to pierce from the inside of the mouth outward.

Although both techniques can be done with an equal chance of success, there are some practical reasons why one approach may be better than another in any given situation.  While piercing from the inside of the lip outward may prevent accidental poking of the client’s gums, piercing from the outside in can be more accurate when placement is critical.  If you client has a specific point they want the piercing to be made through, it is best to mark the spot and pierce from the outside in to insure the body piercing meets the client’s expectations.

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