Cool or Fool: Extreme Septum Stretching

Sport fanatics come from all walks of life.  Extreme baseball fans have been known to carry their gloves with them everywhere, while football fans and other sport fanatics have shown allegiance to their teams by vowing to only wear team colors or jerseys.  Although it is common for people to put tattoos and logos onto their body to show their support for various causes, it is rare to find the perfect mixture of body modification and sport devotion as shown here.

While being the backyard Horseshoe champion of Dubuque, Iowa may be cool in Iowa, this type of body modification is definitely considered extreme and not for everyone.  Just because you can buy a body piercing kit online and pierce your septum for under 20 bucks, doesn’t mean you should stretch it out to this extreme (at least 00 gauge in thickness).  Besides running the risk of an elongated septum (from the weight of such body jewelry pulling downward on the piercing), such an extreme body modification may lead to blind people mistaking your face as a towel rack, or awakening from sleep to the sound of a radio station playing music you don’t like – from your face!  (Not to mention the possibility of knocking yourself out when you sneeze…)  But in the interest of objective journalism, we reserve our judgment and defer to you, our devoted readers to answer the perpetual question; Cool or Fool?

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