Should you use a body piercing kit?

In these tough economic times, people are finding creative ways to save money.  One of the ways people are saving money is by purchasing a body piercing kit and self-piercing at home.  Once considered a dangerous and complex task, the technological improvements in disposable piercing needles and supplies enables users to perform body piercings at home with a good chance of success.  Of course, it is always recommended to seek the services of a professional body piercer.  However, if you decide you would be more comfortable piercing yourself (or having a spouse or friend do the piercing), you can save money by getting a body piercing kit designed for the type of piercing you have in mind.

When it comes time to select a body piercing kit, make sure you purchase a kit that is completely sterile, from the needle and forceps all the way to the body jewelry included.  If the body jewelry included is not contained in a sterile pouch with a sterilization date, it is not sterile.  There very few respected sellers of honestly sterile body piercing kits around.  Of the few, make sure you purchase your kit from a respected seller of body piercing supplies, and confirm that the piercing kit includes sterile needles, sterile forceps and sterile body jewelry.  In common sense terms, for a body piercing kit to feature sterile needles, sterile forceps, but not include sterile body jewelry, is ludicrous.  What good does it do to use a sterile needle, sterile forceps and prep if what you are inserting into the open wound is not sterile?  Think about it.  When you make your purchase of a body piercing kit, if it does not say the body jewelry is sterile, it isn’t.

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