For Pros Only: It’s all about position

A professional body piercer knows that there are two things that separate the men from the boys (so to speak) when it comes to piercing; client comfort and getting it right the first time.  Having sterile body piercing supplies and the proper tools is the first step insuring a successful body piercing.  Proper technique that has been refined into art-like precision is the second crucial element needed.  The more experienced we become as professional body piercers, the smoother and more efficient our piercing style evolves.  That perfection of technique is rewarded by greater client comfort adn pin-point accuracy.

Among the biggest mistakes made by inexperienced body piercers is not confirming with the client the area you have chosen for the piercings.  What seems to you to be the proper spot, may (from the client’s perspective) not be right at all.  And as all body piercers know, if the final result is not exactly what the client had in mind, you are going to have to re-pierce.  Proper positioning is especially crucial when you are doing multiple piercings that need to be symmetrical (i.e. snake bites, check piercings, nipples, ears, etc. etc.).  Before you pierce, show the client (with a mirror) where you have marked the points to be pierced, and if there is a friend, relative or spouse present, bring them over and make sure they confirm the decision as well.  Once everybody has agreed, it’s just a matter of hitting the mark.

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