Cool or Fool: Golf Anyone?

In these tough economic times many people are finding that landing that new job may require going an extra mile, or two.  This photo of an Indonesian lad suggests that it may soon become tougher to make a living as a golf caddy.  In most places, being a golfer’s right hand mad only requires lugging a heavy bag around by the straps.  But as this photo suggests, in some parts of the world, you may have to be able to carry some pin flags around in your mouth as well.

While this trick is sure to earn you a few extra rupees, an extreme body modification to a cheek in this way can lead to nerve, gum and tooth damage, as well as constant leakage of saliva.  This idea gets an ‘A’ for presentation, and a ‘D+’ for practicality (you have to wonder how this kid is going to be able to suggest what club to use).  Still, in our continuing mission to keep you on the cutting edge of body piercing, we serve up today’s offering, and ask you to make the call:  Cool or Fool?

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