Genital Piercing: Gaining acceptance?

It was not so long ago that genital piercings were limited to those individuals that were either ultra-kinky, or relegated to stars of pornographic movies.  But now things have changed quite a bit and genital piercings are becoming more common amongst both men and women.

Body piercing your nipples was at one time thought to be the height of decadence, but now has become so common that it no longer has shock appeal.  Genital piercings that involve piercing the labia, clitoral hood, and the clitoris itself are being performed each day in America and show no signs of letting up.  For men, penis piercing was mostly the domain of the gay underground, but has become more and more commonly performed, especially in Europe.  Since genital piercings are considered some of the more painful body piercings, it is recommended that you always seek the services of a professional body piercer with experience with the type of body piercing you want.

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