Self Piercing a Belly Button

Piercing a navel is a relatively simple task and as shown in this video, is one of the easiest areas to self-pierce.  Using a body piercing kit that included sterile body jewelry, sterile forceps and prep materials, this young woman shows how she was able to pierce her own navel.  Unlike other areas of the face or body, piercing a belly piercing is fairly easy to do yourself since you are able to easily see the area and hold the forceps in position without obstruction.

Not shown in the video is proper preparation of the skin area (with Benzalkonium Chloride) prior to piercing.  Also, you should always wear Nitrile gloves (usually included in piercing kits) even when piercing yourself, to prevent any bacteria you have on you hands or under your fingernails from contaminating the open wound.  Be advised; self piercing should only be attempted by individuals with prior experience with body piercing, and should be done lying down in a prone position in case of excessive bleeding or nausea.  If you are not a body piercing apprentice or have prior experience in body piercing, you should refrain from self-piercing and go to a professional body piercer.

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