The Star Piercing

The Star piercing is a series of perfectly placed (five to seven) surface barbells that give the appearance of a ‘star’ pattern on the surface of the skin.  The body jewelry initially used can be either surface barbells or straight barbells made of flexible material, such as PTFE (shown in video).  Star piercings are commonly placed at the base of the neck and upper back area, the chest  (as shown in video) or in any area conducive to surface piercings where there is ample space.

Because a star piercing involves multiple surface piercings in one small area, this type of body piercing involves a very high risk of migration, rejection and lengthened healing times over standard surface piercings.  If you are considering a complex surface piercing such as this, make sure your body piercer is experienced with them, and pay close attention to the aftercare guidelines given so that you minimize the risk of infection and migration.

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