Piercing needle and jewelry: Should they match?

Internally Threaded Body Piercing Needle
All-In-One Internally Threaded Body Piercing Needles

It has been an ongoing argument amongst the body piercing community that may never be resolved; should you use the same size piercing needle and jewelry, or is it better to use a larger gauge needle ?  Of course the benefit of using a larger gauge needle allows the jewelry to slide into the back of the needle for easy insertion, but doing so creates a larger hole than needed and thus, more active sites exposed for potential infection.  Besides the higher infection risk, you also lengthen healing time since the tissue must close the space left between the body and the inserted jewelry.  A good solution to this is the recent innovation of the All-In-One Internally-Threaded body piercing needles.  This needle features internal threading that allows the jewelry to attach to the back of the piercing needle, so that the jewelry and needle create a single, continuous surface for an easy and  mistake-free pull-through.

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