Body Jewelry: Land of no-return?

Part of having body piercings is the constant hunt for stylish body jewelry to wear.  Since most piercings close quickly once the jewelry is removed, it is crucial that you purchase body jewelry that isn’t just great-looking, but built of quality materials that will stand the test of time.  Whether you wear nipple shields, lip rings, tongue barbells or a belly ring, you know that when it comes to purchasing body jewelry, there can be a huge difference in both quality and price.

Just as we have established that not all body jewelry is equal, it is also true that the companies that sell body jewelry differ greatly in their return policies.  If you have already worn a piece of body jewelry and it breaks from use, it is reasonable not to expect to be able to return that item (in fact, it can actually be illegal for the seller to accept worn/used body jewelry).  However, if you just purchased a piece of body jewelry and it breaks, or is flawed before you have a chance to wear it, you should be able to exchange that item for a new one.  The same goes for a piece that is mis-marked or misrepresented in some way (example, the ear tunnels you just bought were supposed to be 1/2 inch and they were 7/8 inch in size).  The problem is, many sellers of body jewelry do not recognize this problem and will not exchange defective items.  Fortunately, there are a few reputable companies that do stand behind their body jewelry and will offer refunds or replacement pieces for defects from manufacturing.

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