Water Anyone?

This week’s entry into our ‘Cool or Fool’ category is this jar-bearing man.  Since this photo is unclaimed, we can only speculate as to what this man is doing here.  He could be a masochistic pan-handler going about his daily prospecting, or he could be taking part in some sort of sacrificial religious rite of passage as he carries jugs of sacred water through an uncaring village.  Irregardless of what, why or how he’s doing this, you can bet these jars are very heavy (as evidenced by the distance the skin is being pulled away from the body).

Most people are content with just wearing standard body jewelry, but there are always a few who always push the envelope.  Before you run out and suspend heavy objects from your body piercings, keep in mind that over-stretching a body piercing can result in permanent scaring and severe tearing of the tissue, and is definitely not recommended.  Let us know what you think and cast your vote: Cool or Fool?

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